Northern Air Solutions

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Air Ambulance


From our Bases in Thunder Bay and Muskoka, Northern Air Solutions flys over a 1000 patients a year to various destinations throughtout North America. In addition our aircraft regularily transport specialized neonatel, pediatric, critical care and surgical transport teams involved wih the transport of organs (gift of life).




With full critical care capabilites, Northern Air Solutions utilizes state of the art medical transport equipment which includes a LP-12 with full invasive monitoring options, IVAC 3 channel intravenous infusion pumps and a LTV 1200 transport ventilator capable of offering all the options required to ventilate patients while being transported. Our Advanced and Critical Care flight paramedics have no less then 10 years of experience in a dynamic air ambulance environment and can be accompanied by specialist physcians if required.


Our versitile tubro prop equiped PC-12's are able to service almost any airstip in North America. Combined with the speed of our CItation II jet, you can be provided with professional air ambulance service to your destination no matter you or your family are sick or injured.