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Aircraft at NAS

Cessna C550 Citation II Jet

This popular jet sets the standards for modern light business /air ambulance jets. The citation II combines cost-efficiency with excellent access to smaller airports. This aircraft can seat 7 people (1 stretcher and 4 people for air ambulance operations) and has a range of 1700 nautical miles at a speed of 350 knots.

Pilatus PC 12

This corporate commuter and utiliy turboprop aircraft can operated from short fields and unimproved runways. The cabin probides for six executive chairs or 9 commuter chairs or in the case of air ambulance operations, 1 stretcher and 4 chairs. This aircraft has a range of 1400 nautical miles at a speed of 250 knots.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

This aircraft is a 4 seat, single engine, light aircraft which is perfect for short hops or for sightseeing and aerial photography. It has a range of 400 nautical miles at a speed of 105 knots.